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Diallyl Phthalate (DAP) is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. Each molecule contains two allyloxy groups, it is stable at room temperature, but if under heating and adding some initiator, it will be very reactive, and can be made into many new materials with special usage.

When used as a reactive monomer, the main property is as follows:
1. With allyloxy groups, under heating and adding some organic peroxide, DAP can easily control the polymerization process.
2. DAP is very stable at room temperature, so it can be used as anti-gelling agent of vinyl monomers, like styrene and vinyl ester.
3. Because of the low vapor pressure, the DAP monomer is nearly odorless and doesn' t give off the odor like styrene.
4. There is no risk of fire because of its high flash point.
5. The synthetic polymey is of high strength and good toughness.
6. The resin has good light resistance and acid and alkali resistance.
When used as plasticizer or internal plasticizer, the main property is as follows:
1. Indeformable after forming, with good dimensional stability.
2. It has good electrical properties, it has good electrical insulation even under the condition of high temperature and damp.
3. It has good thermal stability. The bending strength is unchanged sustainably used at 150~200οC.
4. It’s of chemical erosion resistance and of solvent extraction resistance.

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