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Product name Description CAS number TDS Inquiry
Capcure 3-800 mercaptan (SH) terminated liquid curing agent for Epoxy Resin 72244-98-5 Inquiry
Carbodilite V-02-L2 E-02 SV-02 Inquiry
Carbodilite E-02 Nisshinbo Inquiry
Carbodilite SV-02 Nisshinbo Inquiry
Carbodilite SW-12G Nisshinbo Inquiry
Carbodilite V-02-L2 Nisshinbo Inquiry
Daiplacoat RHC-731 Clear Dainichiseika Color and Chemicals Inquiry
Daiplacoat RHU-5070D Dainichi seika Inquiry
Daiplacoat RHU-5150D Dainichi seika Inquiry
Daiplacoat Series Dainichiseika Inquiry
Daiplacoat_RHG garde Dainichiseika colo & chemicals Mfg.Co.,Ltd Inquiry
Epoxy hardener Phenol-formaldehyde Novolacs / GP Inquiry
EUSTAB HS-700 Bis(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)carbodiimide 2162-74-5 Inquiry
HN-130 4, 4'-Hexamethylenebis(1, 1-dimethylsemicarbazide) 69938-76-7 Inquiry
HN-150 1,1,1',1'-Tetramethyl-4,4'-(methylene-di- p-phenylene)disemicarbazide 85095-61-0 Inquiry
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