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Our history begins back in 1999, when the SEECHEM International was established at SEOUL in South Korea
We began to supply specialty additives to Water-based market in Korea.
-Concluded contract for distributor with Keim Additec Surface GmbH.
-Concluded contract for distributor with OMNOVA.
We supply defoamer, Dispersant, Levelling agent & Slip agent to the Paint and coating industry
We began to supply specialty monomers to UV coating application. Our main partners are Osaka Organic Chemical, NOF and Nippon Kasei Chemical. Especially, We focus on specialty-wise monomers like a 4-HBA, IBOA and ISTA in OCA product
We began to enlarge our product line into Composites Industry.
-Concluded contract for distributor with InChem.
-Concluded contract for distributor with Georgia Pacific Chemical.
Our products line include Carbon fiber, Resin for Preprag, Flame retardant and Crosslinking Agent.
We have been converted to SEECHEM International Corporation. We also set up a Laboratory in young-In for customer’s service.
We began to supply specialty materials in Solar Energy Application. Our main partner is Solaronix which is supply Specialty Rb-dye and its devices for laboratory.
We established Warehouse in Kyunggi-do.
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