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[New Product] ZeMac copolymer ( Microencapsulation ) produced by Vertellus
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 ZeMac Copolymers for Microencapsulation  . Maker : Vertellus

 ZeMac® copolymers offer unique advantages for microencapsulation in many applications 

Product Benefits 

 Highly stable aqueous emulsions 

 Control mean particle size (MPS) & particle size distribution (PSD) 

 Specific control of microcapsule diameter down to less than 1 μ 

 Tougher wall material enables wall down-gauging allowing more 

volume with same diameter microcapsules 

 Spherical shape for microcapsules 

 Controlled release via hydrolysis and rapid release via pressure trigger when used as wall material 

 ZeMac solutions are FDA approved for indirect food contact applications & 

now INCI listed by Personal Care Product Council for cosmetic & personal care applications 

 Proven product performance 

Target Applications 

 Phase change materials used in mattresses, buildings and clothing 

 Fragrance and flavor release in personal care, laundry and cosmetics products 

 Thermochromic inks and pigments 

 Thermally responsive gels for military and space applications 

 Security inks for currency, important documents and certificates 

 Self-healing polymers used in space and aircraft applications 

 Pheromone-based pest traps 

ZeMac Grades 

ZeMac E400 Powder 

ZeMac Solution S407015 

ZeMac Solution S403520 

Processing (Please refer to our Processing Guide) 

 The ZeMac copolymer powder is dissolved in water and added to the encapsulant and wall material precursor emulsion 

 Once the microcapsules are formed they are recovered by spray drying or other standard process 


 ZeMac powder is available globally in drums and super sacks 

 ZeMac solutions are available in IBC totes and drums. 

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